And I have not yet begun to fight

- Goggles: [NR] Rocketeer Goggles
- NoseBand: -J.I.N.X- Nose Band
- Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Kevin Skin - 2
- Wings: *Les Encantades* Iron Wings Onyx
- Tattoo: Pimp My Shit - Dark Days Tattoo Free Hunt Gift Jack or Jill 4.0 Hunt: Hint: I’m too hot to handle!
- ArmWarmers: A&Y Oxy Arm Warmers (Male)
- Pants: FashionNatic Sothis Male Pants 
- Boots: HEYDRA Genesis Mens Boots New Release!
- Hoverboard: Cyber-TECH Hoverboard 2050 V3.6

- Pose: IGNITION ART Hovering 10 Lindens

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