I will not send you into the darkness alone

First, I would like to thank to the nice people from the City of Spiritus Sancti for their trust, It was an amazing place where I took the photos and It was a good experience, I hope to visit them more often, and you, hurry up and dont hesitate to know this dark gothic urban roleplay sim.

- Horns: .DirtyStories. Beastie Horns Free Group Gift
- Hair: ~*Damselfly*~ Dominic - Unisex
- Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Kevin Skin - 2 (Tone 5)
- Eyes Tattoo: .: VyC :. Futuro Free Group Gift
- Mouth Mask: -DRD-  gift metal mask Free Group Gift
- Chest Tattoo: DAPPA - Lotus Tattoo. - MOH4 Item Past Event, No longer Available
- Jacket: [coepio] Mr.September [with Hud]
- Holster(w/shotgun): [BODY FACTORY] Arlong BackPack (Punisher) (Only can be found here: District 5)
- Necklace: [MANDALA] Ero-Sensei Necklace set_Silver
- Watch: ::TabouIrresistible:: Black Watch - Unisex
- Binoculars: (epia) - Pandemic Adventures - Binoculars (Only can be found here: The Arcade Gacha Event)
- Glove: ISPACHI [Upheaval] Gloves - Clenched (Gatcha Item)
- Belt: [MANDALA] Mikoto Belt black(silver)
- Pants: \m/ LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/ - Anthem Male Pants
- Kneepads: Caligula Combat Kneepads Unisex Black Ops
- Boots: -DRD- worn combats male large black

Decoration from (epia) - Pandemic Adventure Gatcha (Only can be found here: The Arcade Gacha Event)
Grunge Shack RARE
Terrain Bunker RARE (You can see the interior in the third picture)
Unused Theater Screen
Warning Road Sign - Red
Burlap Doll (It's a wearable item)
Pandemic Mask (post-apoc RARE, green and pink)  (It's a wearable item)

- 2nd Pic Pose: {Natural Motions} Blue Style (Unisex Pose) 10 Lindens!
- 3th Pic Pose: {Natural Motions} Randy (Unisex Pose) 10 Lindens!

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