The Dangers of the Apocalypse

- Pants: D R O P . Denim Sweat Pants (Only can be found here: The Mens Dept.New Release!!
- Mask: (epia) - Reaper Gasmask
- Tattoo: .:DP:. Graveddiger Tattoo
- Sneakers: [BLK2.0] Vintage Sneakers Free GROUP GIFT
Weapon: RA AK-104 ver 1.0 Free Gift

- 1st Pic Pose:  {Natural Motions} Apocalypse (Unisex Pose) 10 Lindens New Release!!
- 2nd Pic Pose:  {Natural Motions} The Perfect Equilibrium (Unisex Pose) 10 Lindens

- Place: Aught

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