Waiting for you (Menstuff Part 8)

- Sweater: HEYDRA Derek Sweater Yellow Free MenStuff Hunt(1-31 March) #54 Hint: These boots are made for walkin .... breathe it all in and you shall find spring
- Pants+Sneakers: FashionNatic Praimos Outfit NoFree
Necklace: Egoisme Dogtags Gift Free MenStuff Hunt(1-31 March) #1 Hint: Alessio it is your date! Don't miss to look at his wonderful photography

Pose 1: {Natural Motions} Waiting for you (Unisex Pose) 10 Lindens New Release!!
Pose 2: {Natural Motions} The Perfect couple (Unisex Pose) Free GIFT

- Place: Metropolis City

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