The king of the streets


- Pants: HEYDRA Andro Cargo Black Camo (only can be found here: 1-30th April FreeStyle Urban Fair)
- Boots: Death Row Designs drd rigged worn combat boots black
- Sleeves: Death Row Designs sleeves -fabric MALE ONLY
- Tattoo: bleak . Out of the World Tattoo-Heavy(no mod)(no trans)
- Face Tattoo: DPD - Facial Scar
- Bandage: [The Forge] Bandage Patch FREE Gift

- Pose 1st Pic: {Natural Motions} A beautiful place (Unisex Pose) 10 Lindens
- Pose 2nd Pic: {Natural Motions} Enjoying the view (Unisex Pose) 10 Lindens

- Place: [ D I R V A L ] Mainstore

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