- Jacket: FashionNatic Elias Outfit Pack includes a hud to choose from over 16 different colors for the Jacket.
- Pants: :: Delirium Style :: Krave Slim Jeans Male w.HUD/Plain (only can be found here: 1-30th April FreeStyle Urban Fair)
Pack includes a hud to choose from 18 different colors for the Boxers, the Belt and the Accessory.

- Pose 1st Pic: {Natural Motions} Randy (Unisex Pose) 10 Lindens
- Pose 2nd Pic: {Natural Motions} Walking (Unisex Pose) 10 Lindens
- Pose 3rd Pic: {Natural Motions} Jump (Unisex Pose) 10 Lindens

- Place: Crystal Oak Falls

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